CapiTainS Metadata Element Set, Version 1.0

Date Issued: 2017-04-27
Description of document: This document is a quick reference for the CapiTainS Metadata Element Set, Version 1.0.


The following elements have been created by CapiTainS to encode metadata of texts in the context of Citable Text Services supported by CapiTainS guidelines. These elements should only be used in the context of the CapiTainS guidelines

The Elements

Term Name: structured-metadata
Label: Structured Metadata
Definition: The node containing the structured metadata entries for the object.
Comment: Structured Metadata can be used to specify information about a text's author, e.g., <scm:birthDate>, a work, <dc:creator>, or an edition, translation, or commentary, e.g., <dc:publisher>.
Child nodes of structured-metadata can have two attributes : xml:lang and rdf:type. For the moment, only XSD:types are accepted as values for rdf:type.
One should think of the child nodes of the structured-metadata node in terms of RDF triples. If the a CTS Translation XML node containing the structured-metadata is a subject, in this case translation, each node represents part of a triple where translation is the subject, the tag is the predicate and the value of the tag is an object. So, for instance, one such triple in the example below would be translation creator Pseudo-Aristotle, which would resolve to translation hasCreator Pseudo-Aristotle.